My Wish List – Books

For a while now I have wanted to get back into reading, detach myself from social media a little bit & gain a little more imagination.

The Book Depository is my No.1 go to website for purchasing books. It’s so much cheaper than buying books in-store and postage is always free!

So I’ve put together a list of books that caught my attention and wish to purchase, read and add to my book shelf.

‘The House of New Beginnings’ – Lucy Diamond
‘The Beach Cafe’ – Lucy Diamond
‘Girl Boss’ – Sophia Amoruso
‘History Is All You Left Me’ – Adam Silvera
‘Dream a Little Dream’ – Giovanna Fletcher
‘You’re The One That I Want’ –¬†Giovanna Fletcher
‘Sense and Sensibility’ – Jane Austen
‘The Diary Of A Provincial Lady’¬†– E . M . Delafield

My Book Shelf

Welcome back!!

Recently I have been getting back into reading and spending less time on social media! Yay!

I’ve been home about a month now, and instead of crying about the Melbourne weather, I’ve been spending some a little bit more time reading… I know right, me reading? This is a miracle…

So I have collected a few of my favorite books for you all, (not just because they are aesthetically pleasing) but because I actually enjoyed reading them!

  • ‘It’ – Alexa Chung
  • ‘Get Your Sh*t Together’ – Sarah Knight (STILL READING, BUT LOVING)
  • ‘Inside Vogue’ – Alexandra Shulman
  • ‘Love Tanya’ – Tanya Burr
  • ‘Capture Your Style’ – Aimee Song



My Summer Wish List – Glassons

Glassons is by far one of my favorite clothing stores. They offer a great range of clothes, consistent sizes and all for super good prices.

Since summer is getting slightly closer, I have put together a list of my favorite pieces and I hope this inspires your summer wardrobe!

Enjoy x





Striped Linen Blend Wrap Blouse Mars Red Stripe


Wide Leg Deep Hem Pant Black


Striped Cropped Wide Leg Pant Seafarer Stripe


Striped Shirred Waist Jumpsuit Stripe

7 days in Santorini – June 2017

Hello Again!

Santorini is a small Greek Island and a dream destination of mine, for a very long time! So while in Europe, why not make a detour to Greece?

We stayed at Ifestos Villas, a short 10 minute walk to Fira, which included Breakfast, a Swimming Pool & Airport Transfers. This was the ultimate place to stay!

Most days we spent eating souvlaki’s, swimming & looking in every sovenier shop on the Island… We were there for Braydon’s 19th Birthday so we booked a 3 hour Boat Cruise that covered The Santorini Volcano and The Hot Springs.

On day 3 we caught the local bus to Oia, another highly popular town on the Island of Santorini. Absolutely breathtaking with the white domes and endless swimming pools. Oia is defiantly more expensive and has a number of boutique shops overlooking the ocean.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Santorini xx


4 Days in Dubai – April 2017

On our way over to the UK, we decided to make a stop-over in Dubai. We stayed at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bur Dubai, a 20 minute train to the Dubai Mall. Over the four days we spent in Dubai, we stuck to our small budget by spending as little as possible on food and spend the majority of our money on activities & experiences.

So I’ve made a list of what we did while in Dubai:

– Dubai Mall
– Dubai Museum
– Underwater Zoo & Aquarium
– Burj Khalifa
– Desert Safari
– Souk Mall
– Dubai Dancing Fountains
– Textile Souk Markets

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Carry on Luggage – What to pack?

When I travel, I like to keep my carry-on bag simple and only carry my essentials. I prefer to keep everything packed away in my suitcase/backpack.


  • Flight details, Insurance details & Itinerary
  • Passport, Purse (with all my usual items, like cards and cash.
  • I like to carry small amounts of money in the currencies I’m going to be needing. I find it so much easier to put my currencies in envelopes and write how much is in each to keep track of all my money.

Skin & Beauty:

When it comes to travelling, I only take products that I know i’m going to 100% use and are easy to use while flying.

I find that travel miniatures are super handy and don’t weigh your luggage down!

  • Hair Brush/Comb
  • Hydrating Facial wipes
  • Moisturizer
  • Lip Balm (I take both Paw Paw Ointment & Nivea Repair and Protect)
  • Tooth Brush & Toothpaste
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • A travel friendly perfume, recently I have been loving ‘Black Opium’ by YSL.


I don’t like to take massive amounts of technology on board, although I find that it’s safer in my carry-on than in my suitcase/backpack.

  • Camera & charger
  • laptop & charger
  • My iPhone 6, Phone Charger, Headphones
  • International Plug adapter

Preferred Snacks for Travelling

  • Water Bottle, I like to purchase a 1L bottle for the plane before boarding. This means I don’t have to keep asking for a refill on the plane.
  • Mints/Chewing Gum
  • Either a small packet of sweets or something with sugar to keep me going throughout the flight. 


  • Thick fluffy socks, my feet get super cold on planes!
  • Blanket Scarf, can also be used as a blanket & pillow while at the airport or on the plane.

I hope that some of you found this helpful and I’ll see you in my next post. 

Abi xx

My Go-To Airport Outfit

When it comes to Long-Haul travel, I think being comfortable is the key to better travelling! So I thought I would put together a list of what I like to wear to the airport and while I am flying.

  • Top – I always fly in short-sleeved T-shirts, meaning I can layer my clothing if I get cold/hot at the airport or on the plane.
  • Bottoms – I like to wear of full length leggings, I find them super comfy and they keep me warm on the plane.
  • Jacket/Jumper – I prefer to wear a hooded jumper and sometimes take a thin jacket depending on my destination but I find that a hooded jumper makes me feel a bit more comfortable and cozy!
  • Socks – I always pack a pair of thick fluffy socks in my carry-on because my feet get super cold on airplanes.
  • Footwear – I prefer to wear slide on shoes. Although depending on my destinations, I sometimes wear trainers. I find slip on shoes so much easier, especially because you have to take them off at security and¬†makes trips to the toilet a lot more easier on planes.
  • Scarf – I always take a blanket scarf in my Carry-on luggage!! Blanket scarves are great because they double as a blanket and/or pillow on the plane.

I always pack a second pair of underwear, mainly for if I lose my backpack or suitcase. This means I have a spare change to feel a bit more comfortable.

Depending on my destination I take a spare T-shirt or jumper to change into when I reach my final destination, this just makes me feel a bit more comfortable and fresher.

Lastly, when flying to a hot/summer destination I like to pack my swim-wear. Just in case my checked luggage gets lost/stolen. I don’t think there would be anything worse than losing your luggage before your holiday has even started?!

Talk soon, Abi xx

Must Go Places in Melbourne

Melbourne has to be my favourite city ever, other than London!!¬†It’s the ultimate city for everything.. and also the world’s most liveable city??

I have put together a little list of my favorite places in Melbourne to hopefully inspire you to explore your own city or even take a trip to Melbourne.


  • The National Gallery of Victoria – The ultimate place for the latest exhibitions and has the best gift shop… I thought 2016 was the best year for international exhibitions with shows featuring Andy Warhol & Ai Wei Wei, Catherine the Great & David Hockney.


  • Metro Burger¬†–¬†A tiny Burger Restaurant down Flinder’s Lane, that also offers breakfast. They have cheap prices and plenty of options.
  • Cervo¬†– My all time favourite Italian Restaurant in Melbourne, located on the South-bank and links directly to Crown Plaza, super easy to access and isn’t too expensive! (Where I went for my 18th Birthday Dinner)
  • The Irish Times Pub¬†– A tiny two stored Pub just off Collins Street that also offers bar snacks and food.
  • The Bank on Collins¬†– Both a bar & restaurant, with great prices and weekly promotional offers (Happy Hour), a great option if you aren’t wanting to spend excessive amounts on drinks and want to stay in the CBD.


Melbourne is the Fashion Capital of Australia, with some of the best fashion events including Melbourne Fashion Week and VAMFF.

  • Chadstone¬†– The largest shopping center in the Southern Hemisphere, with a huge range of High-Street & High-End retail shops that will suit any shopper!
  • Bourke Street – My ultimate favorite place to shop when in the City, it’s super easy to access and links directly to The Emporium¬†and Melbourne Central.¬†(Also easy access to Melbourne Central Train Station & Flinder’s Street Train Station)
  • Chapel Street¬†– Located in South Yarra, it’s the perfect place for everything! Alongside Fashion & shopping, Chapel Street is the ultimate place for Food, Drinks, Nightlife & Entertainment. (Get off at South Yarra Train Station, and it’s a quick two-minute walk straight to Chapel Street)


  • Treasury on Collins¬†– Is my all time favorite hotel in Melbourne (And it’s the only hotel in Melbourne with Netflix in all hotel rooms). Nothing better than a free breakfast buffet and pancake machine? I stayed here recently with my family over Christmas and wasn’t disappointed. Also they provided our room with Molten Brown products, who doesn’t love luxury brands in hotels?
  • Adina Apartment Hotel, St. Kilda¬†– A great alternative if you are wanting to explore more of Melbourne and see what it has to offer. St. Kilda is a great place to stay, with plenty of bars & restaurants to experience and easy access to St. Kilda beach. The perfect¬†city-beach location!

Make sure to leave any recommendations below!

My 2017 Travel Plans

As I am going travelling for 3 months very soon, I thought I would update my travel plans and dates!

April 23: From Melbourne, we fly to Dubai.

April 24 Р28: While in Dubai, we are staying at the Howard Johnson Hotel

April 28: From Dubai, we fly to London.

April 28 РMay 4: We are in the UK for a week before setting off for Europe, using this time to visit my family and also get use to the areas we are staying in.

May 5 РMay 30: Europe Inspired (Top Deck Tour)

May 31 РJune 18: Back to the UK.

June 19: From Gatwick, we fly to Santorini, Greece.

June 19 РJune 26: While in Santorini, we are staying at Alizea Villas & Suites

June 27 РJuly 30: Back to the UK.

July 31: Leaving the UK.

August 1: Between London & Melbourne, we have a quick stop-over in Brunei.

August 2: Back to Melbourne.

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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Abi, an 18 year old from Melbourne, Australia! Originally born and brought up in Bedfordshire, England and moved to Melbourne with my family in Jan 2010.

Since then, I have finished school in 2016 and have defered from Uni until 2018, studying Visual Arts & Photography at Academy of Design.

I am currently taking a Gap Year in 2017 and have 3 months of travel planned across Dubai, England, Scotland and Europe with my best friend.

I have decided to start this blog, so my family and friends can follow my trip across Europe and so I can look back at my adventures and experiences.

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