How We Planned Our Trip!


From a young age, I always knew I wanted to travel. So after finishing High School and getting accepted into Uni, I thought why not just do it. I decided to take a Gap Year before going back to study and it’s been the best choice I’ve made!

Although I believe that the best adventures come from spontaneous ideas, it’s always useful to have some ideas and plans up your sleeve. 

We made a check list of ‘Must See & Do’ experiences for every city/country we went to and prioritized them. We found this super handy and helped us achieve the ultimate holiday bucket list.

So here are some of our tips & tricks that we used to plan our trip to Dubai, Europe and the UK!


  • Make a List of Countries, Cities, Experiences etc.
  • Length of trip & time of year
  • Money Budget (SO IMPORTANT)
  • Travel options (guided tours, individual travel, group travel)
  • Accommodation options (hotels, hostels, couch-surfing, camping, relatives, friends)


We did a lot of my research by looking through Books, Magazines and maps but mainly focused our attention on a number of Social Media accounts (Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs etc.)

YouTube was another helpful resource that supplied us with all the basic travel information, travel hacks, tips, money-saving tips etc.

Lonely Planet Books, are a great way to gain knowledge about travelling, what to expect, what not to expect, how to budget, local scams, culture, food etc. Books are great because you can highlight them, rip the best pages out, brainstorm your ideas and so much more.


I highly recommend finding a few travel apps that adapt to your personal travel needs. Personally I think a currency calculator is a MUST HAVE and every traveller should have one! Always have more than one online accommodation app, this way you can find better deals and prices on accommodation.

  • Hostel World
  • Currency Calculator


Instead of booking everything ourselves, we went through a Travel Agent and it was 100% the best choice we made. Tanya saved us a lot of money and she guided us in the right direction every step of the way. 

We were given different options that suited our budget and wasn’t pressured into any decisions. We were able to pay small amounts every week which didn’t break the bank and we knew exactly where our money was going.

Make sure you look at different options, and don’t rule out Hostels! Hostels are so much cheaper than Hotels especially in big cities, they are a great to meet new people, they offer a lot knowledge and information about the area, transport and different food options.


I would 100% recommend that you think about purchase a travel card before you leave for your travels. Both Braydon & I purchased travel cards about a month before we left and this gave us another opportunity to save a little extra money.

Also, I recommend that keeping a small amount of cash for each airport/city you are visiting, as most ATM’s will charge a transaction fee. It may only be a couple of dollars but each transaction adds up in the end.


When travelling around the UK, Europe or basically anywhere, Look at Travel Passes for Buses and Trains. We purchased a UK Rail Pass which offered 15 days of travel around the UK all for the price of $480.00AUD.

This saved us over $1,000AUD as transport in the UK (Trains especially) are a lot more pricey than in Australia. Although the UK Rail Pass didn’t include the London Underground Transport, I recommend purchasing an Oyster Card.

All Accommodation Linked Below!

I hope some of you found this helpful and don’t forget to leave any comments down below!

Talk Soon, Abi x

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