50 Facts About Me

  1. Born in the UK, Moved to Australia in 2010
  2. Pastel colours are favourite
  3. My Cat is called poppy
  4. I don’t have a favourite season
  5. I hate mushrooms.
  6. I love a cozy bed
  7. Avocado on toast is my ultimate favourite
  8. Marmite over Vegemite. 100%
  9. Never broken a bone
  10. I love to people watch
  11. I love a good chick flick.
  12. In 2018, I will study Visual Arts
  13. Celebrity crush is Harry Styles. like that is obvious
  14. I took a Gap year after I finished year 12
  15. Tea over Coffee
  16. I love sweet potato
  17. Christmas is my favorite holiday
  18. Not a huge fan of ice cream
  19. Would love to design my dream house & live in it
  20. Planning of starting my own business in the future
  21. I wish I could live at IKEA
  22. I’m a natural red-head
  23. I have more pajamas than going out clothes
  24. Still planning my first tattoo
  25. I’m a massive procrastinator
  26. I’m intolerant to some brands of milks, idk why
  27. English Sweets are better than Australian
  28. I would love to move back to England one day
  29. 19 and still on my Learners.. Oh Dear
  30. I love hugs
  31. I like being inside on a stormy day
  32. I rarely ever wear shorts, even in summer
  33. Gnochi is one of my favourite foods
  34. I love pimple popping videos.. I’m sorry
  35. The Devil wears Prada is my all time favorite movie
  36. Love art galleries & museums
  37. I believe that everything happens for a reason
  38. Not a huge fan of the sea
  39. Massive Over Thinker
  40. I could eat Breakfast for every meal
  41. I love TV Shows
  42. I don’t really tan, I basically burn
  43. Roses are my favourite flowers
  44. I have a great reletionship with both my parents
  45. I’m a Gemini, born June 2, 1998
  46. I prefer jumpsuits over dresses
  47. I own to many candles
  48. I would love to do a Sky Dive, but I’m too scared
  49. I went to Uluru and never climbed it???
  50. I love art & craft markets

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Abigail Rook

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