My Go-To Airport Outfit

When it comes to Long-Haul travel, I think being comfortable is the key to better travelling! So I thought I would put together a list of what I like to wear to the airport and while I am flying.

  • Top – I always fly in short-sleeved T-shirts, meaning I can layer my clothing if I get cold/hot at the airport or on the plane.
  • Bottoms – I like to wear of full length leggings, I find them super comfy and they keep me warm on the plane.
  • Jacket/Jumper – I prefer to wear a hooded jumper and sometimes take a thin jacket depending on my destination but I find that a hooded jumper makes me feel a bit more comfortable and cozy!
  • Socks – I always pack a pair of thick fluffy socks in my carry-on because my feet get super cold on airplanes.
  • Footwear – I prefer to wear slide on shoes. Although depending on my destinations, I sometimes wear trainers. I find slip on shoes so much easier, especially because you have to take them off at security andΒ makes trips to the toilet a lot more easier on planes.
  • Scarf – I always take a blanket scarf in my Carry-on luggage!! Blanket scarves are great because they double as a blanket and/or pillow on the plane.

I always pack a second pair of underwear, mainly for if I lose my backpack or suitcase. This means I have a spare change to feel a bit more comfortable.

Depending on my destination I take a spare T-shirt or jumper to change into when I reach my final destination, this just makes me feel a bit more comfortable and fresher.

Lastly, when flying to a hot/summer destination I like to pack my swim-wear. Just in case my checked luggage gets lost/stolen. I don’t think there would be anything worse than losing your luggage before your holiday has even started?!

Talk soon, Abi xx

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