My 2017 Travel Plans

As I am going travelling for 3 months very soon, I thought I would update my travel plans and dates!

April 23: From Melbourne, we fly to Dubai.

April 24 – 28: While in Dubai, we are staying at the Howard Johnson Hotel

April 28: From Dubai, we fly to London.

April 28 – May 4: We are in the UK for a week before setting off for Europe, using this time to visit my family and also get use to the areas we are staying in.

May 5 – May 30: Europe Inspired (Top Deck Tour)

May 31 – June 18: Back to the UK.

June 19: From Gatwick, we fly to Santorini, Greece.

June 19 – June 26: While in Santorini, we are staying at Alizea Villas & Suites

June 27 – July 30: Back to the UK.

July 31: Leaving the UK.

August 1: Between London & Melbourne, we have a quick stop-over in Brunei.

August 2: Back to Melbourne.

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  1. christinerookrocketmailcom March 31, 2017 — 11:46 pm

    Sounds very exciting , have a great time 😊

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