Current Beauty Wish List

Recently, I fell off the makeup bandwagon and focused on my skin care regime as my skin was becoming more prone to breakouts and dryness. Since then, I have updated my skin care products & routine, and have once again become highly obsessed with makeup and new beauty products. I can go months without buying new makeup but the sudden urge hits me all at once and feel the need to drop all my savings on new makeup. Since Spring is around the corner and the sun is starting to come out, I thought it was time to put together a wish list of all the new products that I need in my life. Enjoy!

Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette – Too Faced


I’ve heard only great things since the launch of the Peaches & Cream collection by Too Faced and I can’t wait to get my hands on this all matte eyeshadow palette. The warm ombre colours definitely reflect the new collection and can be used for both day and night-time occasions. Each product in the collection has been infused with sweet fig milk and juicy peaches to create the peaches & cream scent and it can’t get any better than that, right??

The Multiple (Orgasm) – NARS

Nars - The Multiple - Orgasm

The Multiple by NARS has been on my wish list for the longest time and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it. The orgasm blush is my all time favourite and when I saw they released the same shade in a cream stick, I knew I needed this product in my life! Before I spent the pricey $57, I purchased the¬†On The Glow Highlighter¬†from LUMA Cosmetics and could possibly be a high street dupe?!

Orgasm Lip Balm – NARS

NARS - Orgasm Lip Balm

I’ve been meaning to buy this product since it’s release but have never managed to get my hands on it… apparently everybody in Australia wants the same tinted lip balm and at the exact same time?! Although¬†$41 is pretty pricey¬†but when it’s the same shade as my favourite blush and the packaging is that stunning. It’s a no brainer. Right?

Killawat Freestyle Highlighter Duo – Fenty Beauty

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Fenty Beauty and the Killawat Highlighter is the one product I’m dying to get my hands on. The colours they’ve created are so unique and have made it had for other brands to copy. They offer a number of great shades and colours to suit every skin tone and this colour combination of the killawat highlighter (light) are absolutely to die for! I also love the packaging. Ultra modern, sleek¬†and magnetic?? I don’t think it can get any better.

Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush – Fenty Beauty

I’m always looking for new makeup brushes and this one was added straight to the shopping basket! The shark-tooth shape is great when applying highlighter to the higher points on the face and body! I was watching the¬†Sephora tutorials on how to use this brush and I must say, it’s pretty impressive. This is a design that I haven’t seen before and Fenty Beauty are pulling out all the stops with this collection!

Hangover 3 in 1 Replenishing Spray – Too Faced


This is the final item on the wish list and yes, it’s another Too Faced product that has all the raving reviews! I always use a primer under my makeup and have recently been using the Hangover Primer¬†throughout the colder months as it’s packed with so many nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Aswell as primers, I always use a setting spray and I swear by the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting¬†Setting Spray¬†like every second person! It never fails to disappoint and¬†I¬†can’t wait to try out the 3-in-1 Spray in the Summer.

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20th Birthday Weekend

So it appears that i’ve reached the first stage of my TWENTIES. WHAT, NO. But yes, it’s true..

I stayed at¬†Novotel St. Kilda¬†for 4 nights with my nearest & dearest, spending the majority of time exploring new Cafes, Restaurants & things to do in Melbourne. It was nice staying in a different part of the city and gave us a chance to explore more of what Melbourne has to offer. Although it’s the start of Winter, we were super lucky with the weather. We had no rain, a little wind but the sun was out making our staycation more kilda pier

From Wednesday to Sunday we spent way to much money and ate too much food but hey that’s all part of the celebrations right? My two best friends, Cayla & Stevie stayed for the first two nights, and to celebrate our 4 year friendship, we got matching tattoos. And lets just say, it has taken a very long time for us to get this done… We went to¬†Vic Market Tattoo¬†in North Melbourne. I would 100% recommend this place if you are having your first tattoo done. It is a super quirky place and definitely reflects the style of the artists.

For our first dinner, we stopped at Rococo in St. Kilda. A modern Italian Restaurant with a stunning Dinner menu. They also accommodate for a number of allergies and dietary requirements. Stevie has been vegan for 2 years and struggles to find a decent meal when eating out. Lucky, Rococo offers a full vegan menu. This is a restaurant that I would love to visit for breakfast!!

On the Friday, I swapped my friends for my family. My mum & I went for Afternoon Tea at¬†Hopetoun Tea Rooms¬†on Collins Street before buying way to many clothes… This is also were my Mum brought my Birthday cake. Red Velvet with a cream cheese filling and fresh berries.


San Antone¬†was our first family dinner location and it was pretty good. If you’re a meat lover then you’ll love this place. It’s a touch more expensive but would recommend going in groups and getting the share platters.

The day I officially turned 20, We missed the hotel buffet breakfast so we went to Phamish and they offer a pretty good Smashed Avo. We were in a bit of a hurry as we woke up late and planned to play mini golf at 12. The service was quick and good prices for the amount of food is served.

Holey Moley is a mini golf / bar situated in the CBD. My parents had made plans for the Food & Wine Festival so the rest of us went mini golfing.

For the final birthday dinner, We went to Little Blue Restaurant which is located at the end of St. Kilda Pier, it was a very chilly walk but the food was definitely worth it! They offer a stunning dinner menu and would love to go back and have breakfast at the Cafe. After having Entrees & Mains, we were gifted a complimentary Dessert board which included a number of homemade chocolate desserts.


Before heading home on the Sunday, we surprisingly made it to the Hotel buffet breakfast before spent the morning at the St. Kilda Market.

Topshop Wish List

TOPSHOP has been one of my favourite brands for as long as I remember. They have some super cool pieces, the quality is outstanding and it’s¬†affordable.

When purchasing from Topshop, I highly recommend looking in-store & online, as
they sometimes offer different products & different prices.

As Winter is fast approaching and Melbourne weather is very unpredictable, I’m jumping back into my oversized jumpers and scarves.¬†However, my aim this year is to improve my Winter wardrobe with a few pieces that can be layered and easily styled.

So here is my current wish list. Enjoy!

Black Ruffle Bandeau Jumpsuit

Square Neck Camisole Top

Window Pane Peg Trousers

Ribbed Cropped Jumper

Crop Wide Leg Trousers

Twisted Yarn Jumper

Sloane Woven Platform Shoes













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10 Thing I Never Travel Without

Welcome Back!

Whether I’m going overseas or just a city staycation, I always try to keep my packing to a minimum and¬†I’m pretty sure I’ve almost nailed it.

When travelling in the UK, we did many short trips around England & Scotland, meaning we couldn’t take all our belongings with us. We took a small backpack each and managed to fit enough clothes to last us 4-5 days.

So this is my list of 10 things I can’t travel without.


  1. All Travel Documents, Passport, Itinerary (Must Have)
  2. A beauty bag! just to cover all the essential skin care & basic makeup products.
  3. Camera
  4. Headphones
  5. Blanket Scarf, perfect for long train, car journeys & cold days!
  6. A Reading Book, always come in handy when your train is delayed or waiting for the rain to stop!
  7. A comfy pair of PJ’s, I can’t travel anywhere without having a comfortable pair of Payjamas.
  8. A Water Bottle & Snacks (100% must have)
  9. Note Book & Pen, You never know when you need to write some notes, ideas, travel dates etc.
  10. A Knitted Jumper, this is my ultimate key to comfort. I can’t travel anywhere with an oversized jumped!!

My Summer To Do List

Welcome Back!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve been super super busy with everyday life, Work & Christmas!¬†But I’m back & can hopefully begin to produce more creative content in the New Year!

As the New Year is fast approaching & Summer in Melbourne can be very unpredictable! 

I thought now would be the perfect time to put together My “Summer To Do List”

So here it is! Enjoy!

  1. Markets
  2. Roof Top Bar
  3. Berry Picking
  4. Pottery Painting
  5. Host A Summer Barbeque
  6. First Tattoo???
  7. Drive In Cinema
  8. Picnic
  9. Find A New TV Show
  10. Read A New Book
  11. Take More Photos

Have you got any plans for the Summer Season? Make sure you comment down below!

How We Planned Our Trip!


From a young age, I always knew I wanted to travel. So after finishing High School and getting accepted into Uni, I thought why not just do it. I decided to take a Gap Year before going back to study and it’s been the best choice I’ve made!

Although I believe that the best adventures come from spontaneous ideas, it’s always useful to have some ideas and plans up your sleeve.¬†

We made a check list of ‘Must See & Do’ experiences for every city/country we went to and prioritized them. We found this super handy and helped us achieve the ultimate holiday bucket list.

So here are some of our tips & tricks that we used to plan our trip to Dubai, Europe and the UK!


  • Make a List of Countries, Cities, Experiences etc.
  • Length of trip & time of year
  • Money Budget (SO IMPORTANT)
  • Travel options (guided tours, individual travel, group travel)
  • Accommodation options (hotels, hostels, couch-surfing, camping, relatives, friends)


We did a lot of my research by looking through Books, Magazines and maps but mainly focused our attention on a number of Social Media accounts (Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs etc.)

YouTube was another helpful resource that supplied us with all the basic travel information, travel hacks, tips, money-saving tips etc.

Lonely Planet Books, are a great way to gain knowledge about travelling, what to expect, what not to expect, how to budget, local scams, culture, food etc. Books are great because you can highlight them, rip the best pages out, brainstorm your ideas and so much more.


I highly recommend finding a few travel apps that adapt to your personal travel needs. Personally I think a currency calculator is a MUST HAVE and every traveller should have one! Always have more than one online accommodation app, this way you can find better deals and prices on accommodation.

  • Hostel World
  • Currency Calculator


Instead of booking everything ourselves, we went through a Travel Agent and it was 100% the best choice we made. Tanya saved us a lot of money and she guided us in the right direction every step of the way. 

We were given different options that suited our budget and wasn’t pressured into any decisions. We were able to pay small amounts every week which didn’t break the bank and we knew exactly where our money was going.

Make sure you look at different options, and don’t rule out Hostels! Hostels are so much cheaper than Hotels especially in big cities, they are a great to meet new people, they offer a lot knowledge and information about the area, transport and different food options.


I would 100% recommend that you think about purchase a travel card before you leave for your travels. Both Braydon & I purchased travel cards about a month before we left and this gave us another opportunity to save a little extra money.

Also, I recommend that keeping a small amount of cash for each airport/city you are visiting, as most ATM’s will charge a transaction fee. It may only be a couple of dollars but each transaction adds up in the end.


When travelling around the UK, Europe or basically anywhere, Look at Travel Passes for Buses and Trains. We purchased a UK Rail Pass which offered 15 days of travel around the UK all for the price of $480.00AUD.

This saved us over $1,000AUD as transport in the UK (Trains especially) are a lot more pricey than in Australia. Although the UK Rail Pass didn’t include the London Underground Transport, I recommend purchasing an Oyster Card.

All Accommodation Linked Below!

I hope some of you found this helpful and don’t forget to leave any comments down below!

Talk Soon, Abi x

50 Facts About Me

  1. Born in the UK, Moved to Australia in 2010
  2. Pastel colours are favourite
  3. My Cat is called poppy
  4. I don’t have a favourite season
  5. I hate mushrooms.
  6. I love a cozy bed
  7. Avocado on toast is my ultimate favourite
  8. Marmite over Vegemite. 100%
  9. Never broken a bone
  10. I love to people watch
  11. I love a good chick flick.
  12. In 2018, I will study Visual Arts
  13. Celebrity crush is Harry Styles. like that is obvious
  14. I took a Gap year after I finished year 12
  15. Tea over Coffee
  16. I love sweet potato
  17. Christmas is my favorite holiday
  18. Not a huge fan of ice cream
  19. Would love to design my dream house & live in it
  20. Planning of starting my own business in the future
  21. I wish I could live at IKEA
  22. I’m a natural red-head
  23. I have more pajamas than going out clothes
  24. Still planning my first tattoo
  25. I’m a massive procrastinator
  26. I’m intolerant to some brands of milks, idk why
  27. English Sweets are better than Australian
  28. I would love to move back to England one day
  29. 19 and still on my Learners.. Oh Dear
  30. I love hugs
  31. I like being inside on a stormy day
  32. I rarely ever wear shorts, even in summer
  33. Gnochi is one of my favourite foods
  34. I love pimple popping videos.. I’m sorry
  35. The Devil wears Prada is my all time favorite movie
  36. Love art galleries & museums
  37. I believe that everything happens for a reason
  38. Not a huge fan of the sea
  39. Massive Over Thinker
  40. I could eat Breakfast for every meal
  41. I love TV Shows
  42. I don’t really tan, I basically burn
  43. Roses are my favourite flowers
  44. I have a great reletionship with both my parents
  45. I’m a Gemini, born June 2, 1998
  46. I prefer jumpsuits over dresses
  47. I own to many candles
  48. I would love to do a Sky Dive, but I’m too scared
  49. I went to Uluru and never climbed it???
  50. I love art & craft markets

The London List!

The londonlist

Hello & Welcome Back!

We spent a total of 7 days in London and were definitely surprised by how much we managed to fitted it. We were given the¬†‘Lonely Planet Pocket London’ as a gift¬†and found plenty of things to see and do within London. We made a small Bucket List prior to going to London but we found the Lonely Planet Book super useful and got to explore so much more of the City than we thought possible.

I would highly recommend walking. Yes the underground sounds easier but walking around London is a lot cheaper, quicker and ultimately the best way to explore and find new things in London.

Also, Purchase an Oyster Card before using the Underground! Saves you a lot of money.

So enjoy & here is My London List!

  • Harrods
  • The South-bank, Definitely worth the walk.
  • Liberty London
  • Pret A Manger (My favorites – Iced Caramel Latte, Chicken Ceaser Roll & Tomato Soup)
  • Ben’s Cookies (The best)
  • Carnaby Street
  • Hyde Park, Take a picnic blanket, grab some lunch and watch the world go by.
  • Camden Market
  • Borough Market (Amazing Food)
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Farringdon, Ultimate area for boutique and quirky shops. Great sandwich bars and cafes.
  • Piccadilly Circus (M&M World)
  • Museums, Most Museums are free & a great way to explore the City.
  • Leon, Healthy and super cheap take away food.
  • So Ho
  • Tate Modern Art Gallery

My Top Breakfast Recipes

Hello & Welcome Back!

When it comes to making myself breakfast, I tend to choose simple recipes that are quick, tasty & are moderately healthy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day¬†and I like to start my day with something good to eat and drink. I try to have a cup of Green Tea with my breakfast each morning but lately I’ve been reaching for the English Breakfast Tea.

Avocado on Toast

  • Sourdough Thick Toast
  • Avocado
  • Marmite/Vegemite

Banana & Berry Smoothie

  • Almond Milk
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberries & Bananas
  • Ice

Smoothies are 100% best in Summer. They are super quick and easy to make & you can drink them basically anywhere. Talk about breakfast on the go? Although when I’m at home, I like to put some granola, Greek yogurt & a spoon of peanut butter on top.


  • Uncle Toby’s Quick Oat Sachet
  • Skinny Milk
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Maple Syrup
  • Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries

I have recently re-discovered the ‘Uncle Toby’s Quick Oat Sachets, they are so much easier than making it from scratch. Sometimes I find porridge a bit plain, so I add greek yogurt, fresh fruit & tiny drizzle of honey/maple syrup.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

  • Pancake Batter (Recipe)
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Strawberries, Blueberries & Bananas
  • Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Maple Syrup, Lemon, Nutella, Jam, Sugar, Fresh Fruits etc.

Pancakes are such a good idea when feeding a number of people. When I have more time, I prefer to make the pancake batter from scratch but using a pancake mix is easier if you don’t have as much time. I like to add the chocolate chips to the batter before I cook them and sprinkle some on top as well. Pancakes are always a winner and I like to offer a selection of toppings.